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Wednesday, September 20th 2017, 9:46am

What can I do when catalytic converter get carbon deposit

What can I do when catalytic converter get carbon deposit?
Why Catalytic Converter Get Carbon Deposits?
Catalytic converter is made of ceramic discs with multiple mesh size 0.2 mm, which are trimmed in steel casing and insulated with heat-resistant wool. The passing exhaust gases through the ceramic discs (pre-coated with a thin layer of precious metal) make a chemical reaction induced by the high temperature and thereby start the oxidation reaction of CO – carbon monoxide, HC – hydrocarbons and NO – nitric oxide. Once the molecule and the oxygen undergone,6 Ways to Save Money for Motorists, the harmful elements are converted into CO2 – carbon dioxide, N2- nitrogen and H2O – water.
Two options for dealing with the problem?
Once you are sure that the catalyst is blocked or damaged, you have two options for dealing with the problem:
One: Remove the catalytic converter or replace it with a new one. But buying a catalytic converter price is not cheap.
Two: Cleaning the catalyst with newest HHO carbon cleaning technology
What is The Advantages of HHO Carbon Cleaning Machine?

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