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Sunday, February 17th 2013, 3:18am

Application guidelines < READ BEFORE POSTING >


- Motivation about WoE :

1/ You must attend to most WoE. It's ok if you miss some sieges, don't make it a habit & notify your absences.
2/ You need a good char : High level with build studied & optimized for WoE performance.
3/ Minimum equipement required at first ( fire unfro, cranial, beret, raydric/noxious... ) and then in the guild you can go for the best equipement.
4/ Be ready to invest lots of money every WoE for consummables.
5/ Gameplay : Follow the plans, learn & master proper gameplay.

Everyone know they need those stuff and, when everyone do some effort, we can make it work.

- TS3 & a decent english : you're in a guild so it's better when you can communicate with each other & that you understand WoE instructions.

Guest WoE:

Feel free to just try first before jumping in! Just post in this section to do so.

Application format:

RL :

- Make a quick introduction of you : Name, Gender, location, Age, Passions & anything else you'd like to add.

RO :

- Introduce your main WoE character(s) :
Name / Class / Level / WoE Equips (screenshot, eg: Attachment file)
Stats / Skilltree (screenshots appreciated, but if you prefer not to make it public, you can send it in pm)
- Your other chars
- Your previous guilds / servers
- Your aim in RO & with us. Why Arigatò?
- Your role in WoE

You will be informed of our decision in the 48h following the opening of your application.
If no one has anything so serious against you, you will be granted a trial membership for 4 WoEs.
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Tuesday, June 18th 2013, 8:06pm


Starting now, trial members have to play 4 WoEs with us in which they have to prove themselves.

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