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Friday, September 20th 2013, 7:04am

Rainmeter my desktop!!!


I don't know if like me you are bored of your Windows theme, so this is an awesome freeware to change (a bit) it. It's not necessary to know how to program or something like that (except if you want to change some aspect of the different elements).

For exemple, I made this :

Spoiler Spoiler

To get this, I tested the tutorial here : click meh

You'll find all the skin and whatever in the description of the video.

The possibilities are really incredible cause you can find a lot of elements on the internet just with Google.

If you have any difficulties with the tutorial or the freeware itself don't hesitate to ask :)


Friday, September 20th 2013, 10:15am

that look cool *_*




Friday, September 20th 2013, 11:20am

I've done a FBI Desktop few years ago, raimeter is really funny but be carrefull, you need to have a good Computer, if you play high graphism game with this app.




Friday, September 20th 2013, 8:54pm

My desktop :

My windows mode:

Ps: ANd my computer talk to me for everything ! XD

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Saturday, September 21st 2013, 9:31am

Already posted my Rainmeter Desktop on another Thread, but here is it again:

Does someone know any Plugin that can control my Pandora? >:


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Monday, September 23rd 2013, 9:23am

uh , i like that *_* I will try when i go back home :3

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