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Like a boss

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Wednesday, April 30th 2014, 11:02pm

Jupe party 99+ 05.05 11:00-15:00



This is a Jupe Party until we change the lvl range and lvl spot.

The rules are quite simple.

1. The Party will be held in multilanguage (English/German). At least you should understand the basic english when a member is non-german speaker and he calls for ress etc.
2. TS attendance is required.
3. TS will be told Ingame.
4. You need to be there 30 minutes before the party is starting, otherwise we’ll search for a substitute.
5. No flaming, no grief play.
6. Loot (not crap loot) like MVP Cards/Gemini Cards will be shared between all active Party members. (Well guess that is not even worth bothering in Jupe, because there is just crap loot.)
7. Don’t be afk too often during the party, otherwise you’ll get kicked.
8. Please tell us at least 4 hours before the party starts that you are not able to attend. So that we can search for a substitute.
9. Appropriate equip is necessary. (Shield and Mobber equip)


Wir planen derzeit eine Jupe Party bis wir die lvl Range und Spot ändern.

Die Regeln sind einfach.

1. Die Party wird in English und Deutsch gehalten (Mehrsprachig). Du solltest die "basic" Englischen Wörter verstehen, wenn ein Mobber Deutsch nicht versteht und dich nach Ress fragt etc.
2. Anwesenheit im Ts ist pflicht.
3. TS wird Ingame gesagt.
4. Du musst 30 Minuten vor Party-Beginn da sein, 15 Minuten vor Party-Start suchen wir Ersatz.
5. Kein Geflame oder Grief-Play.
6. Loot wie z.b Mvp-Cards oder Gemini Cards werden innerhalb der Party geteilt. Aber nur die aktiven Partymember. (In Jupe muss man sich da aber keine Gedanken machen.)
7. Sei nicht zu lang afk in der Party ohne Bescheid zu sagen ohne richtigen Grund, ansonsten wirst du gekickt.
8. Sag uns bitte 4 Std vor der Party Bescheid ob du kommen kannst oder nicht, wenn dir etwas dazwischen kommt, damit wir einen Ersatz rechtzeitig suchen können.
9. Angemessenes Equip ist pflicht.


Level Range: 99+
Meeting: Party Spot 10:30
Where: Prontera
Begin: 11
End: 15 pm after all 4 h bubbles are gone from our members.


SB: OOP for free

ABIP: Spadellina/Picchillitta

ABOOP: Celeen_Avian

Exp Couple (1Leech): Lostris

Bragi/SP (1Leech): Celeen_Avian

1.DD: Cervez

2.DD: damnsilence 113

1.Mobber: Eleyan




5.Mobber: Isto

6 Mobber: tie

Thanks for signing in! Check out our other threads for Bio2/Jupe Parties. :D
Reachable on: Celeen (Rocards), Lostris (Rocards), Lostris/Fenn/Rhaenys(Ingame), Celeen_Avian/Alyseia/Elynia(Ingame)…r-11-00-15-00/?

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Wednesday, April 30th 2014, 11:14pm

99+ ?
i can come again =)


Like a boss

  • "Lostris" is female
  • "Lostris" started this thread

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Wednesday, April 30th 2014, 11:38pm

sure! I write you :D


Almost awesome

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Saturday, May 3rd 2014, 1:32pm

Fras german is op. O_O
"Victory is a far-flung shore.
Mark the skies, abide the tides, trust to your crew ------ and she will be yours.
The battlefield is the best and worst of places.
Where else can a man's enemy become his mentor, or his ally an enemy?
We are like trees in a grove - bending to the wind like the willow, or bearing it like the oak.
Yet live how we might - the wind will still blow."

- Merlwyb Bloeshiswyn, Raubahn Aldynn & Kan-E-Senna


Like a boss

  • "Lostris" is female
  • "Lostris" started this thread

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Saturday, May 3rd 2014, 3:02pm


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