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Almost awesome

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Friday, October 4th 2013, 7:07pm


This Application for two person. We are not twin but will be one day :)

Duhan / Melih

Male / Male

23 / 22

Turkey / Cyprus

Mvp Hunting :D

Introduce your main WoE character(s) :
.McGyver. 144/50 Geneticst. (tomorrow I have party will be 150)
ProffesorComp. 150/50 Geneticist.
Methrammar 150/50 Sura.
KardelSharpeye 150/50 Ranger (Pure ASPD build)

Your other chars:
We have also Shadow C, RoyalGuard, Mechanic and Rune Knight around 120 lvl.

Your previous guilds / servers:
Since 2004-2005 from Euro Loki. After Loki I have played low rate many free servers. My last adress is FRO now.
My Previous guilds for FRO: BordoBereliler,Envy(before renewal) and Pardus (renewal)
I played Ragnarok since EuRo was beta,with the came of rebirth i stopped playing in euRo and from time to time played in lots of different private servers. Last year i started searching for euRo to start again, find out its closed, and started here, in Fro. I was in Pardus. We try to make a guild for turkis players. After Pardus wipe we stopped Woe/PVP and just killed mvp's and get farm. In Agust we want to do Woe again.

Your aim in RO & with us. Why Arigatò?:
Because of LordPlayboy (joke :P )
Currently WoE is the most ejoyable thing to do for us,in game. Thats also why we want to play with you. We want to have fun in WoE. This is the right place for us :) and want to get some godlies of our own :D
I was stopped to play Ragnarok when Renewal comes. after one year I fixed my life and started again. I am a old Bordo member I dont play Woe with everyone. I allways played organize Woe's. We was playing 30+ member every woe and I need it again. Only few guilds can play like this now. One of is you Arigato :)
We are thinking, this is the best guild we can adapt,as the Arigatos skill level similar to ours and biggest reason, Merli's leading :D

Your role in WoE:
For Fire Expansion build I do most dangerous and non-reducable damage to enemies also with AoE.
For Pure-Planter I also do most dangerous and non-reduable damage to enemies but one by one.
GvG Open Combat CC ppl with Sura. While we Defending castle İf an enemy passes the defense line,chasing/killing.

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Almost awesome

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Friday, October 4th 2013, 7:13pm

i'm very happy to see your application!


Friday, October 4th 2013, 7:15pm

both are playing siege with us since 1 month or more, nice to see your apply :D here is an official welcome! XD


Almost awesome

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Friday, October 4th 2013, 7:41pm

Hi Guys, welcome here <3 :exp_n_n:




Friday, October 4th 2013, 8:04pm

Welcome here =)


Friday, October 4th 2013, 8:15pm

You made a bro happy.

Welcome guys :)


Wannabe poster

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Friday, October 4th 2013, 8:21pm

Hoşgeldiniz :thumbsup:


Like a boss

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Friday, October 4th 2013, 8:46pm

Happy to see you guys ! :thumbup:


Friday, October 4th 2013, 9:35pm

I'm glad to see your application guys ! A very nice one btw !

Cya and welcome


Friday, October 4th 2013, 9:45pm

Gib me ya orc hero plz


Like a boss

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Friday, October 4th 2013, 10:42pm

hi and welcome here :3


Almost awesome

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Saturday, October 5th 2013, 3:51am

Sounds GOOD!! :love:

Big kisses for you Pri: kiss kiss kiss
ANd one for you Meth KIS


Saturday, October 5th 2013, 6:47am

Mouahahahhahaha Welcome to Arigato <3




Saturday, October 5th 2013, 8:40am

Hey you 2 welcome officialy here, i guess finaly im the most happy/enjoy about your incoming, here and i really hope we will get again lot of fun togheter<3

So many party mvp share, meeting ON ts:) etc

(PS: I was not here during 2days:)

A very complete Apply from 2 player very fun and serious who know all info about Meta Game and his secret:)

Love Pri/Meth:)

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Saturday, October 5th 2013, 5:16pm

Welcome here ^^


Saturday, October 5th 2013, 7:55pm

Hi guysss~ =D

Officially welcomeee~
Great news, I guess you probably know most of it, please read this topic: Newcommer guide

Enjoy your trial time!


Almost awesome

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  • "PriReis" started this thread

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Sunday, October 6th 2013, 9:59am

Thank you to all ^^
Ye we will talk about Orc hero card just pm me ;)


Monday, October 7th 2013, 8:17pm



Like a boss

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Monday, April 7th 2014, 12:04am

then it's a NO!! memes#32

heyyy kidding!!!

juste take a shower a relax!

Kono tatakai o arigatōgozaimashita. Sore wa kōeideshita.

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